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2014 Western Dakota Energy Roundtable Presentations

The roundtable provides an opportunity for county leadership in the western oil counties to glean recent technical information and share best practices with their peers. The one-day session is hosted by NDLTAP through a special NDDOT/NDAOGPC contract.

Title Presenter
Meeting Agenda (PDF, 117K) 
Welcome and Introductions (PDF, 8767K)Dale Heglund, NDLTAP
NDLTAP Review (PDF, 2661)Denise Brown, NDLTAP
Western Issue Review (PDF, 7184K)Bill Anderson, NDLTAP
NDSU Needs Study (PDF, 2101K)Al Dybing, UGPTI
Best Practices for Dust Control on Gravel Roads (PDF, 386K)MNDOT
Dust Control Pilot Project from Bowman, Dunn and Mountrail Counties (PDF, 1001K)ND Energy Infrastructure and Impact Office
Ward County Coring and DCP (PDF, 9997K)Ward County

Presentation Archives

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