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2011 Western Dakota Energy Roundtable Presentations

The roundtable provides an opportunity for county leadership in the western oil counties to glean recent technical information and share best practices with their peers. The one-day session is hosted by NDLTAP through a special NDDOT/NDAOGPC contract.

Title Presenter
Alternatives to Paving (PDF, 467K)Brosz Engineering, Inc.
Montana Basalt & North Dakota Class 13 (PDF, 1660K) 
NDDOT Partnership with LTAP (PDF, 888K)Francis Ziegler, NDDOT Director
Oil Fund Allocation Update – Changes, Fund Status Update, Misc. (PDF, 360K)Bryon Fuchs, NDDOT Local Government Division
Richland County "Oil Field" Road Problems, and Various Solutions (2006-2011) (PDF, 2464K)Russell Huotari, Richland Co and Steve Monlux, LVR Consultants
Transportation Infrastructure Technical Assistance Survey (PDF, 278K)Darcy Rosendahl, NDLTAP
Truck Size and Weight – Can Bigger be Better? (PDF, 868K)Darcy Rosendahl, NDLTAP

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