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Equipment Loan Program

NDLTAP's equipment loan program is meant to provide specialty equipment and training to ND Counties, Cities and Townships to help them better evaluate their infrastructure. Available for loan will be the HIVE vehicle for culvert inspection, a Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) for roadway soil strength evaluation, ball bearing bank for super elevation curvature, and a slope meter for roadway verification. Each piece of equipment requires the signing of waiver forms and training. For any questions or to reserve equipment, please contact the NDLTAP equipment coordinator: ndltap@ugpti.org

Hydraulic Inspection Vehicle Explorer (HIVE)

Image of Hydraulic Inspection Vehicle ExplorerThe HIVE (Hydraulic Inspection Vehicle Explorer) is a radio-operated remote car that allows roadway managers to inspect culverts and pipes to determine if repairs or replacement is required. This vehicle was built by NDLTAP for use by county, municipal and township road managers to use free of charge. The device was developed by Minnesota DOT (MnDOT) Rochester District, and MnDOT has multiple devices inspecting their culvert inventory.

HIVE Rental Information

HIVE Resources

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP)

Image of Dyncamic Cone PenetrometerThe DCP test is used to measure the in place strength of the road bed and layers underneath. This DCP has been loaned to NDLTAP from the NDDOT Materials Division. It can be borrowed out to local agencies to help them determine the strength of their gravel surfaced roadways.

DCP Rental Information

DCP Resources

To loan the Ball Bearing Bank or Slope Meter, please contact the equipment administrator.

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