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UGPTI is now an associate member of the National Road Research Alliance (NRRA) — MnROAD. Tim Horner, Andrew Wrucke and Dale Heglund represented UGPTI at NRRA's Grand Opening at the MnROADs facility on Oct. 10, 2017 to commemorate the new partnership.

NRRA is a pooled fund that will focus on solving problems that impact road owners with an emphasis on customer needs. This pooled fund will help direct and compliment the use of the MnROAD test track for local, regional and national research, tech transfer and implementation needs. Road owner agencies will provide input and participate in the decision making needed for future MnROAD construction and research.

Those of you who travel to the Twin Cities may have noticed the MnROAD pavement test track that is a part of and adjacent to Interstate 94 near Albertville, MN.

"NRRA's research has yielded exceptional rates of return, consistently providing 'road ready' solutions. Safer, Smarter, Sustainable Pavements Through Innovative Research. Through implementation of research findings we will save money, extending our tax dollars across more miles of North Dakota's roadway network each year. I am extremely proud to serve as UGPTI's lead for this partnership and to add North Dakota to the NRRA team." -Dale C. Heglund, PE/PLS, NDLTAP Director Picture of the National Road Research Alliance Plaque

MnROAD Test Section Maps

608 E Boulevard AveBismarck, ND 58505