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Road Scholar Program

The North Dakota Local Technical Assistance Program (NDLTAP) has developed a Road Scholar Program for road and highway practitioners in North Dakota. It recognizes each participant's achievement in subjects and topics essential to efficent and effective local road maintenance and management.

Your participation in the Road Scholar Program will increase your knowledge and awareness of how and why the road systems must be properly managed. The ideas, knowledge, and skills you gain through NDLTAP training will help you on the job, strengthen your agency, preserve the roadway infrastructure, and reduce the cost of maintaining the roadways.


All Local Government employees are automatically enrolled in the Road Scholar Program if they have attended any NDLTAP or TLN training courses.

Levels of Training

If you are interested in achieving the next level of your Road Scholar accomplishments, contact ndltap@ugpti.org to plan your venture.

Level I – Achieved at the completion of 30 credit hours with a minimum of 5 courses.

Level II – Achieved at the completion of 90 credit hours.

Level III – Achieved at the completion of 150 credit hours and complete one of the following leadership opportunities:

  • hold a Lunch and Learn
  • assist with an NDLTAP training
  • develop a training course
  • write a topic paper
  • serve as a mentor

The Road Scholar III level achievement requires a broad spectrum of learning along with a bit of outreach. The outreach is meant to help our Road Scholar III candidates develop a sense of giving. In other words, as they become experts in the transportation field, it makes sense to share that knowledge and help others grow. As such, technical presentations, written articles, mentorship efforts, leading demonstration projects, assisting with course development, and similar NDLTAP outreach efforts are encouraged to fulfill the Road Scholar III requirements and to begin their lifelong knowledge sharing.

Award Recipients

608 E Boulevard AveBismarck, ND 58505