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Road Scholar Program

The North Dakota Local Technical Assistance Program (NDLTAP) has developed a Road Scholar Program for road and highway practitioners in North Dakota. It recognizes each participant's achievement in subjects and topics essential to efficent and effective local road maintenance and management.

Your participation in the Road Scholar Program will increase your knowledge and awareness of how and why the road systems must be properly managed. The ideas, knowledge, and skills you gain through NDLTAP training will help you on the job, strengthen your agency, preserve the roadway infrastructure, and reduce the cost of maintaining the roadways.

Level I – Achieved at the completion of 30 credit hours with a minimum of 5 courses.

Level II – Achieved at the completion of 90 credit hours.

Level III – Achieved at the completion of 150 credit hours and complete one of the following leadership opportunities:

The Road Scholar III level achievement requires a broad spectrum of learning along with a bit of outreach. The outreach is meant to help our Road Scholar III candidates to develop a sense of giving. In other words, as they become experts in the transportation field, it makes sense to share that knowledge and help others grow. As such, technical presentations, written articles, mentorship efforts, leading demonstration projects, assisting with course development, and similar NDLTAP outreach efforts are encouraged to fulfill the Road Scholar III requirements and to begin their lifelong knowledge sharing.

Sample outreach efforts:

  1. hold a lunch and learn
  2. assist with a LTAP training
  3. develop a training course
  4. write a topic paper
  5. serve as a mentor

If you are interested in achieving this next level of your Road Scholar accomplishments, contact ndltap@ugpti.org to plan this venture.


All Local Government employees are automatically enrolled in the Road Scholar program if they have attended any NDLTAP or TLN training courses.

2019 Award Recipients

Road Scholar I — Achieved at the completion of 30 credit hours with a minimum of 5 courses

  • Cody Armbrust, Billings County
  • Brandon Bahr, West Fargo
  • Dave Bechtel, Burleigh County
  • Paul Benning, NDDOT
  • Jesse Berger, Wold Engineering
  • Christopher Bertsch, Burleigh County
  • Curtis Bogan, Dickinson
  • Dean Braathen, Walsh County
  • Bonnie Brown, NDDOT
  • Jamey Brown, Bottineau County
  • Robin Brown, NDDOT
  • Richard Bruns, West Fargo
  • Chuck Dares, Nelson County
  • Jason Ericson, Holly Beck Surveying & Engineering
  • Elliot Finck, Hettinger County
  • Brent Finnie, Wahpeton
  • Joe Fischer, Dunn County
  • Steve Hammer, Ward County
  • Ryan Hauck, Dunn County
  • Levi Heller, Apex Engineering Group
  • Jeremy Holzer, Morton County
  • Nancy Huether, NDDOT
  • Emily Huettl, Ackerman-Estvold Engineering
  • Allan Hulm, Emmons
  • Jason Hunter, NDDOT
  • Connor Huston, NDDOT
  • Tim Jacobs, Burleigh County
  • Jeff Jirava, NDDOT
  • Kendall Joki, Dunn County
  • Brian Julien, Divide County
  • Dale Kaseman, McIntosh County
  • Rob Kudrna, Dunn County
  • Eric Larson, Wold Engineering
  • Carey Mautz, McLean County
  • Shawn Mayfield, KLJ
  • Darin Melgaard, Divide County
  • Lance Meyer, Minot
  • Doug Moen, Nelson County
  • Omar Mohamed, McKenzie County
  • Brian Morrison, Pembina County
  • Brent Muscha, Apex Engineering Group
  • Fred Myers, Burleigh County
  • Jordan Nehls, NDDOT
  • Kevin Nelson, NDDOT
  • Steve Nelson, NDDOT
  • Frank Odell, Billings County
  • Denis Oyugi, NDDOT
  • Keith Pettie, Cass County
  • Todd Pospichal, Cass County
  • Jay Praska, NDDOT
  • Glenn Redmond, Billings County
  • Jon Redmond, Billings County
  • Tim Renne, Morton County
  • Arlan Rispa, Bottineau County
  • John Saiki, Morton County
  • Tanner Schaan, Williams County
  • Jerry Scherr, Dickinson
  • Russel Schleppenbach, Dunn County
  • Kevin Schmidt, Bismarck
  • Fred Schneider, Burleigh County
  • Daniel Schuetz, Emmons County
  • Clayton Schumaker, NDDOT
  • Benji Schwartz, West Fargo
  • David Schwartz, Stutsman County
  • Justin Smith, Watford City
  • Kristen Sperry, NDDOT
  • Gary Steiner, Burleigh County
  • Nathan Story, Mountrail County
  • Stuart Swartz, Walsh County
  • Garett Tabor, Dunn County
  • Ann Taylor, Brosz Engineering
  • Jim Thompson, Logan County
  • Eli Ulmer, NDDOT
  • Taylor Van Eaton, NDDOT
  • Tom Weigel, NDDOT
  • Lee Westling, NDDOT
  • David Wiebe, NDDOT
  • Nancy Wills, Fargo
  • Lee Wolf, Pierce County
  • Tim Wood, Apex Engineering Group
  • Andrew Wrucke, West Fargo
  • Wayne Zacher, NDDOT
  • Stacy Zietz, Ward County

Road Scholar II — Achieved at the completion of 90 credit hours

  • Chad Beggs, NDDOT
  • David Bruins, NDDOT
  • Tim Condit, Bottineau County
  • Julian Degenstein, Mountrail County
  • Randy Dillinger, Stark County
  • Monte Dyke, Mountrail County
  • Bryon Fuchs, NDDOT
  • Ross Hanson, Morton County
  • Jason Hunter, NDDOT
  • Bill Jasmer, Walsh County
  • Ramon Jimenez, Dickinson
  • Ryan Kalbrener, Walsh County
  • Mike May, Interstate Engineering, Inc
  • Bruce McLaughlin, Bowman County
  • Dennis Nelson, Williams County
  • Dan Schriock, Burleigh County
  • Ron Solberg, Fargo
  • Andrew Wrucke, West Fargo

Road Scholar III — Achieved at the completion of 150 credit hours and complete one of the following leadership opportunities: 1) hold a Lunch and Learn; 2) assist with an LTAP training; or 3) develop a training course

  • Ritch Gimbel, Bottineau County
  • Darryl Wehner, Dickinson
608 E Boulevard AveBismarck, ND 58505