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Road Scholar Program

What is a Road Scholar Program?

The North Dakota Local Technical Assistance Program (NDLTAP) has developed a Road Scholar Program for road and highway practitioners in North Dakota. It recognizes each participant's achievement in subjects and topics essential to efficent and effective local road maintenance and management.

Your participation in the Road Scholar program will increase your knowledge and awareness of how and why the road systems must be properly managed. The ideas, knowledge, and skills you gain through LTAP training will help you on the job, strengthen your agency, preserve the roadway infrastructure, and reduce the cost of maintaining the roadways.

How do I participate?

To enroll in the Road Scholar Program, you must register with NDLTAP Bismarck office using one of the following methods:

2016 Award Recipients

Road Scholar I

  • Ben Aaseth, Interstate Engineering
  • Marty Allen, Mountrail County
  • Steve Anderson, Richland County
  • Wayne Baer, Stark County
  • David Bauer, Grant County
  • Byron Belile, Sheridan County
  • Adrian Belstad, Mountrail County
  • Ardell Belstad, Mountrail County
  • Allen Bennett, Traill County
  • Don Benth, Williams County
  • Terry Bommersbach, City of West Fargo
  • Charles Booney, McLean County
  • David Bruins, NDDOT
  • Bryan Bruner, McHenry County
  • Mike Buresh, Dunn County
  • Glen Deile, NDDOT
  • Jamie Demaree, NDDOT
  • Scott Duerre, Mountrail County
  • Randy Earles, Barnes County
  • Dale Emter, Morton County
  • Ron Flaagen, Cass County
  • John Freitag, Houston Engineering
  • Bill Galow, Towner County
  • Daniel Goettle, Mountrail County
  • Gerald Grann, Bottineau County
  • Adrian Grey, McLean County
  • Kevin Hanson, NDDOT
  • Ross Hanson, Morton County
  • Darwin Hedstrand, Ward County
  • Scott Hirning, City of Dickinson
  • Mike Holmen, Mountrail County
  • Huus Dustin, Mountrail County
  • Greg Jacobson, Mountrail County
  • Gary Kaul, Ward County
  • Brent Keller, Wells County
  • James Kessler, City of Dickinson
  • Lance Kleinjan, Grant County
  • Russell Klimpel, Mountrail County
  • Kermit Knutson, Burke County
  • George Kobel, NDDOT
  • Kim Koenig, Morton County
  • Bud Larocque, Bottineau County
  • Joe Lagasse, Burleigh County
  • Leon Larshus, Burke County
  • Trent Larson, Barnes County
  • Sandy LeCompte, Sioux County
  • Brian Lenz, City of Dickinson
  • LK Lorge, Slope County
  • Jacob Louden, Griggs County
  • Gordon Maresh, NDDOT
  • Michael Mart, City of Bismarck
  • Matt Mastel, NDDOT
  • Dan Mautz, McLean County
  • Tyler Michel, Stutsman County
  • Larry Morast, Mercer County
  • Michael Mortenson, Grant County
  • Mark Moser, Barnes County
  • John Nadeau, Towner County
  • Edward Nelson, NDDOT
  • Anthony Nguyen, NDDOT
  • Jessie Olson, Mountrail County
  • Eddie Patterson, Mountrail County
  • Mark Paulson, Towner County
  • Keith Pfeifer, Richland County
  • Mark Poitra, Towner County
  • Terry Quinlin, Ward County
  • Royal Raddohl, Towner County
  • Gary Rebel, Kidder County
  • Kevin Rinas, Towner County
  • Sterling Rink, Mountrail County
  • Richard Risser, Barnes County
  • Kij Rohr, Dunn County
  • Paul Sailing, Burleigh County
  • Willie Schacher, NDDOT
  • Keith Schank, Stark County
  • Richard Schlenker, NDDOT
  • Gar Schmidt, Emmons County
  • Don Schwartzenberger, Dunn County
  • Jamie Smith, Barnes County
  • Todd Smith, Barnes County
  • Tom Solberg, NDDOT
  • Allen Solhjem, Richland County
  • Tom Soucy, Cass County
  • Melvin Southard, Wells County
  • Tyler Swanson, Divide County
  • Kenny Tetrault, Burke County
  • Tyrell Thiessen, Mountrail County
  • Kevin Thompson, Burleigh County
  • Mark Vedder, Richland County
  • Terry Vote, Towner County
  • Lee Wahl, Sheridan County
  • Joe Walkup, Ward County
  • Nick West, Grand Forks County
  • Jasmine Wyckoff, Bowman County
  • Kevin Zabka, Stutsman County
  • Jeremy Zimmerman, City of West Fargo

Road Scholar II

  • Ritch Gimbel, Bottineau County
  • Dennis Glas, McIntosh County
  • Jim Grey, McLean County
  • Kerry Johnson, Barnes County
  • Todd Miller, Stark County
  • Stanley Schlabsz, City of Dickinson
  • Jay Toepke, Morton County
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