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2019 Regional Local Roads Conference Presentations

This conference is a valuable investment for your entity. It is the most affordable local road conference in the nation providing an opportunity to learn and share ideas about building and maintaining safe, local roadways. The conference will showcase approximately 80 vendors/exhibitors. The target audience is highway superintendents/county engineers, municipal street managers, equipment operators, consulting engineers and elected officials.

Conference Welcome (PDF, 376K)Greg Vavra, SDLTAP & Kirk Fredricks, FHWA
Welding Basics and Safety (PDF, 3524K)Anthony Stampe, ALS Enterprises
Traffic Counts and Truck Loads (PDF, 380K)Andrew Peterson, SDLTAP
Traffic Counts and Truck Loads (PDF, 401K)Christina Bennett, SDDOT
Traffic Counts and Truck Loads (PDF, 753K)Ken Nysether, SEH
"You Show Us" Awards (PDF, 1390K)Noël Clocksin, SDDOT
Tire Safety (PDF, 1716K)Clifton Walking Elk, OK Tire
The Power of Counties (PDF, 459K)Kris Jacobson, SDACC/SDACo and Genny Dienstmann, NDACo/NDACE
Communicating with your Commissioner (PDF, 120K)Kathleen Jones, Burleigh County
Using Drones to Capture Survey Data (PDF, 1478K)Jeremy McLaughlin, Houston Engineering
Historical Preservation - What's Out There? (PDF, 868K)Pete Wirtzfeld, Golden Valley County
OSHA - Why Me? (PDF, 928K)Shawna Page, MTLTAP
Picture This - Camera Tips (PDF, 1859K)John Saiki, Morton County
Loader Scales (PDF, 1310K)Joe Steiger, Trimble Condrite
Alternate Bridge Structures for South Dakota Local Roads, Precast Concrete and Timber (PDF, 3694K)Dr. Mostafa Tazarv, SDSU
Distracted Driving: The Needless Epidemic (PDF, 1707K)Andy Pilgrim, Professional Race Car Driver

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