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2015 Regional Local Roads Conference Presentations

This conference is a valuable investment for your entity. It is the most affordable local road conference in the nation providing an opportunity to learn and share ideas about building and maintaining safe, local roadways. The conference will showcase approximately 80 vendors/exhibitors. The target audience is highway superintendents/county engineers, municipal street managers, equipment operators, consulting engineers and elected officials.

Pre-Conference Activities (PDF, 451K) 
Local Road Research at the SDDOT (PDF, 20959K)David Huft, SDDOT
An Update on Transportation Infrastructure Assessment with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (PDF, 32631K)Colin Brooks, Michigan Tech Research Institute
You Show Us Contest (PDF, 15655K)Noel Clocksin, SDDOT
Reversion of Paved Surfaces to Unpaved Surfaces (PDF, 744K)Chuck Fromelt, SDLTAP & Dirk Rogers, Brown Co. Highway Supt.
Low Volume Road Surface Selection Tool (PDF, 1339K)Brad Wentz, UGPTI
MUTCD Application Guidance (PDF, 64175K)Bruce Drewes, 3T Group
Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Integrated Bridge System (PDF, 69665K)Daniel Alzamora, FHWA
Local Bridges on Shallow Foundations - Time Lapse Video (MP4, 14281K) 
Right of Way Legal Issues (PDF, 2178K)Aaron Birst, NDACo Legal Counsel
2-D Motor Grader Machine Grade Control (PDF, 1037K)Jason Pearson, RDO
Attitudes are Contagious! (PDF, 2081K)Jamie Vavra-Smith, Barnes County Highway Dept.
Winter Driving Supply Checklist (PDF, 366K)Dan Moseman, ND Safety Council
ND Truck Weight Calculator (PDF, 5003K)Leanna Emmer, NDLTAP
What Happens When Industry Moves In? (PDF, 1303K)Panel Discussion

Presentation Archives

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