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2017 North Dakota Asphalt Conference Presentations

Due to the persistent state of COVID-19, the ND Asphalt Conference Planning Committee Members decided to pivot the 2021 ND Asphalt Conference to the virtual space.

The ND Asphalt Conference was a two-day online event held on April 6-7, 2021, sharing expertise in the asphalt industry.

Title Presenter
Conference Agenda (PDF, 384K) 
Welcome (PDF, 997K)Dale Heglund, NDLTAP Director
Hot-in-Place Recycling (HIP) (PDF, 4450K)Patrick Faster, Gallagher Asphalt
Smoothride, Road Resurfacing Scanner (PDF, 1658K)Jason Pearson, RDO
APA and Perpetual Pavements (PDF, 2252K)Dan Staebell, Asphalt Paving Alliance
Work Zone Safety, Is In Your Hands (PDF, 759K)Denise Brown, NDLTAP
Stone Mix Asphalt (PDF, 1203K)Kevin Gorder, NDDOT and Mike Brever, Central Specialties
Texas Underseal (PDF, 686K)Tyler Wollmuth, NDDOT
Jointbond (PDF, 2695K)Jack Witte, Corrective Asphalt Materials
Chip Seal Oil (PDF, 1266K)Kevin Gorder, NDDOT
2016 Hot Bituminous Ride Specification (PDF, 791K)Kyle Evert, NDDOT
2016 Ride Awards (PDF, 541K)Ken Swedeen
Innovations in Recycled Asphalt Pavements (PDF, 3000K)Don Matthews, Pavement Recycling Systems, Inc.
Dickinson Summer Event Invitation (PDF, 804K)Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Association
Why We Do Preventive Maintenance (PDF, 1281K)Jim Moulthrop, FP2
High Friction Surface Treatments (PDF, 1153K)Chris Wagner, FHWA
MSCR Learnings/Binder Selection (PDF, 826K)Andy Cascione PhD., Flint Hills
EDC-4 Pavement Preservation (PDF, 1083K)Wendall Meyer, FHWA
Something Spectacular (PDF, 1960K)Tom Wood, WSB & Associates

2017 Asphalt Conference Media Coverage

Asphalt Conference Steering Committee – 2017

  • Magdy Abdelrahman, NDSU, Transportation Engr.
  • Mike Aubol, Morton County/NDACE
  • Denise Brown, NDLTAP
  • Mark Dougherty, AGC
  • David Ferrell, FHWA
  • Bryon Fuchs, NDDOT, Local Government
  • Daba Gedafa, UND, Civil Engineering
  • Dale Heglund, NDLTAP
  • Mark Hendrickson, Northern Improvement Company
  • Jeremy Holt, Anderson Western
  • Tim Horner, UGPTI
  • Ryan Lynch, Flint Hills Resources
  • Michael Mart, City of Bismarck
  • Chris Padilla, NDLTAP
  • Justin Ramsey, NDDOT, Transportation Services
  • Clayton Schumaker, NDDOT, Lab
  • Joseph Snustad, NDDOT
  • Jongchul Song, NDSU, Construction Manag. & Engr.
  • Nabil Suleiman, UND, Civil Engineering
  • Ken Swedeen, Dakota Asphalt Paving Association
  • Ron Tessier, Dakota Asphalt Paving Association
  • Stephanie Weigel, NDDOT

Presentation Archives

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