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  • Posted: Jul 1
    Each year workers suffer shock when handling electrical tools and equipment. To protect workers against the hazards of electricity, teach them the basic facts about the causes of shock and death.
  • Posted: Jun 16
    NDLTAP recently conducted Motor-Grader Operator training in Mercer, McLean, Sheridan and Wells Counties. The training consisted of 1 day of classroom training (Hazen) followed by 1 day of field training in each designated county. The training was offered to city and county operators and supervisors.
  • Posted: Jun 5
    With an abrasive, wire brush, or buffing wheel attachment, grinders sharpen tools and shape, clean, or polish metal pieces. Grinders can cause severe injuries to hands, fingers, and eyes and face if they are not used correctly.
  • Posted: May 27
    UGPTI has an employment opportunity for an Associate Director of TLN. The position assists in the coordination, management, enhancement, and delivery of training programs and program activities administered by TLN (Transportation Learning Network) and...
  • Posted: May 18
    This course will cover basic concepts of permanent sign installations with appropriate supporting information from the 2009 MUTCD. The course is offered June 16 in Dickinson and June 23 in Jamestown.
  • Posted: May 18
    There would be no community without the quality of life public works provides. There would be no community to police and protect, no public to lead or represent. Public works allows the world as we know it to be. This year's theme "Community Begins Here" speaks to the essential nature of Public Works services in support of everyday quality of life.
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